Customer Care for clients abroad

Customer service is one of the most interesting and effective marketing tools. Well done, your customer service helps selling more to existing customers and to recover customers who have encountered problems. In addition, customer service allows you to observe and understand the market.

In order to realize these benefits also for online shops abroad it is important to professionally organize and execute customer service in other languages. By now, online shoppers across Europe have become accustomed to high quality customer service and it is important to live up to this expectation.

First, it requires the perfect command of the language of the target market. Second, the right tone of voice is of utmost importance, in line with the target audience. Third, competence and the desire to truly solve customer problems are required. And fourthly, fast reaction times are essential.

Of course, only your company can answer some questions or solve certain problems. Simplify all the rest is up to us, talking to your customers in their own language with the right tone, always within the shortest possible time frame.

We are happy to assist you in setting up and organizing your customer service abroad as part of our consultancy work. Operationally, we can either work with systems that are already in use or integrate your customer service with our own Textshell software.

If requested we send out monthly reports, summarizing the lessons we learned from working together to solve structural problems, improve the service, and generally become more effective.

We can provide customer service in Italian, German and English immediately, in other languages ​​the service is available after a short lead time.