E-Commerce Translations

We specialize in translations for e-commerce, which meand to say: no literal translations. As e-commerce experts, we create texts in prder to promote sales. To us, translation is a means for us and not an end in itself. That’s why we pay special attention to your target audience in a defined market, for which we are writing relevant texts, not plain translations.

Foreign customers usually do not have the same expectations as your native audience. Products are not known in the same way abroad, they are not used in the same way, and perhaps the socio-demographic composition of the target group is different. We have the sensitivity and experience to meet the needs of your customers – especially with translations into Italian and German.

In addition to the cultural and linguistic aspects we take care of the very important area of ​​SEO, optimizing texts for search engines.

Online, your product descriptions replaces the shop assistant and its quality is critical to commercial success. Normally, the cost of a good translation is compensated for after a few sales of the product – but the very same translation determines to a large extent whether the product is sold at all – or not. Your catalog is the soul of your online store and it is highly advisable to use adequate resources for its creation and maintenance.

Once the online store is set up, we can also organize online marketing, manage your social media accounts abroad, write for your content marketing, and manage your customer service in other languages.