Marketing & Social Media

Language and culture are determining factors for successful international online marketing activities. The message is just as crucial for the success of online marketing as knowing the mentality of a target group and a country’s local customs.

Word-for-word translation in this field is almost never an adequate solution. We rather work on adapting content in order to be able to deliver to both existing and potential customers the right message. Fulfilling this task well requires not only linguistic sensitivity and marketing expertise, but also a deep knowledge of your target group. The marketing services we can offer include two major themes:

Multilingual online marketing

For our online marketing operations – ranging from search engine marketing to email marketing – we can count on a network of experts from different European countries. We ensure that your message is received effectively abroad. More details about our services, especially in Italy, can be found in Online Marketing in Italy.

Social media and content marketing

Content marketing and social media have strongly influenced digital communication in recent years – both online and offline. It is difficult to ensure that your corporate identity and storytelling are effectively communicated abroad, because in practice there is often a missing link between the home market and the target market. Our work is to bridge the gap and to create and distribute appropriate content, as outlined in the Social Media and Content Marketing section.