Online Marketing in Italy

We control online marketing accounts in various markets, with particular expertise in online marketing in Italy. In media planning, we closely follow the objectives of our customers. For your Italian campaigns, we can either use and adapt an already given line, or even develop creatives for the Italian market on our own.

Operatively have in-depth experience with all major international and Italian online marketing tools. Particular attention is usually dedicated to search engine marketing (SEM) with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA), in particular with Google Adwords and Google Shopping. The campaigns, ad text and keywords are of course not only translated, but optimized for the Italian market.

In addition, we also run remarketing campaigns for our clients with Criteo, Adroll or Google and can advertise on the main national online media.

Another powerful channel is e-mail marketing, for which we can do concept, planning and execution, always adapted to your local target group in Italy. Our experience includes Mailchimp and Mailup platforms and we can either use your existing accounts or Accounts to create them for you. In the field of e-mail marketing, the cultural aspect is particularly important. When do you address a client in a formal and when in an informal manner in an Italian newsletter? How do you communicate a discount? Often, details such as the right greeting in a language make a big difference, and we make sure you get it right with your customers.

We also invite you to explore the possibilities in social media and in content marketing and customer service in Italian.