Privacy Policy & Cookies

This Privacy Policy covers the treatment of personally identifiable information which may be collected when you are visiting Adamans’s web sites or use Adamans’s services and may also include personally identifiable information that third parties share with Adamans. It also contains information about the use of cookies both by Adamans and third parties’ on Adamans’s web sites and services.

Adamans may collect personally identifying information when you use certain Adamans products or services, when you register for an account on Adamans’s web sites and when you visit Adamans’s web sites or the web sites of certain third parties affiliated with Adamans outside the direct control of Adamans.

When you submit a form or register an account with Adamans we may ask for your name, email address, date of birth, gender and other appropriate data. Once you register such an account with Adamans you are not anonymous to us whenever you have signed in to our services. Adamans provides you with services allowing you to edit your account information or to delete your account if you wish so. Adamans automatically records information from your web browser, including but not limited to your IP address, cookie information and the URLs you have requested.

Adamans may use any of the above mentioned information to determine which contents (including without any limitations advertising content) and visual presentation to deliver in response to your requests. The details pertinent to your registration and your activity on Adamans web sites may be used in order to contact you, to conduct research, to develop Adamans’s services and to provide anonymous reporting for internal and external parties.

If you prefer not to receive contents optimized by use of the aforementioned data and information on Adamans’s web sites and within Adamans’s services or on the web sites and services of third parties affiliated with Adamans you are advised to disable cookies in your web browser and not to use Adamans’s web sites and services requiring the registration of an account with Adamans. Please note that some of Adamans’s web sites and services require the use of cookies and may cease to function faultlessly if cookies are disabled.

Adamans will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to any third parties other than to the extent defined and permitted within this Privacy Policy.

Adamans shall be entitled to share your personally identifiable information with third parties in case a) Adamans has obtained your consent to share such information, b) Adamans needs to share such personally identifiable information with third parties working on behalf of Adamans to provide a web site, product or service to you, c) Adamans needs to respond to court orders, subpoenas or to any other legitimate request by relevant authorities, d) Adamans needs to transfer your personally identifiable information after acquiring or being acquired or merged with a third party to such a third party. In this latter event Adamans will use reasonable efforts to notify you if your personally identifiable information becomes subject to a different privacy policy as a result of such a merger or acquisition.

Adamans may set and access cookies on your computer and Adamans may allow third parties to set and access their cookies on your computer. Third parties’ use of their cookies is subject to those third parties’ privacy policies, not this one. Third parties, including but not limited to advertisers, do not have access to Adamans’s cookies. Currently these third parties are:

  • Google: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics with extension for display advertising (data concerned: cookie and usage data)

Posting on publicly accessible areas on Adamans’s web sites and services means to post, submit and exchange content and information on areas within Adamans web sites and services which are accessible to the general public. Adamans is not responsible for your personally identifiable information posted on such publicly accessible areas by yourself or by others and you expressly agree that you are solely responsible for any personally identifiable information about yourself or others disclosed and disseminated by you on such publicly accessible areas.

Adamans reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and – if such changes are substantial – Adamans will use reasonable efforts to notify you of such changes.