Selling on Amazon across Europe

Selling on Amazon can be very good business. In addition, selling on Amazon is often perfect market research, allowing you to explore the situation before investing resources in your own ecommerce website with logistics, marketing, etc.

We offer comprehensive consulting for projects with Amazon in Italy, France, Spain, the UK and Germany, from the first step to daily operations:

  • Concept: market evaluation and analysis
  • Registration: Setting up shop in Amazon
  • Integration: if required, we’ll help you integrate your shop on Amazon with your systems and your software
  • Translations: creation of your product catalog in all desired languages
  • Marketing Consulting: pricing policy for products and shipping
  • Logistics Consulting: inventory management for the whole of Europe
  • Advertising: if required, promotional activities within the Amazon platform
  • Customer Care: customer service – on time and with the quality demanded by Amazon

Setting up your account on Amazon can be almost instantaneous. Very soon and with minimal effort you could sell on Amazon Italy, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon UK or Amazon Spain. If there is demand for your products in the target market, you might be very pleased with the results.

We can assist you with introductory consulting for Amazon as well as with managing all operative aspects of selling on Amazon for you.