Social Media and Content Marketing

We support our clients with everything needed for performing social media in Italy and throughout Europe. Depending on the needs of the specific business and the target market, we communicate your message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

It goes without saying that communication must be optimized for your commercial goals, and the message must be perfectly aligned with all other communication and promotional activities.

Thanks to our large network of experienced collaborators we can do much more than translate messages already created for other markets. We adapt your message to the market in question to make sure that, for example, we tell an Italian customer what is useful to a consumer in Italy; the message for an English or French customer is then specifically adapted to their country, language and culture.

We also offer professional editorial support with our experienced authors for content marketing projects. We create new content or translate and adapt existing materials and distribute content through our clients’ websites as well as through third party websites, where high quality unique content can be used for both PR and native advertising. Content marketing is an integral part of successful SEO campaigns and can significantly expand the reach of your online offering.